ugh this is my photo
Here it is again in blue. They have tons of colors to choose from too.
Sorry for the poor quality i took this with my phone. But omg 1 inch curling iron with a pink glitter handle on sale for less than $40  @ Ulta.
I finally got a mean girls tee! Yay. And it was only $7. And i also got a new spiked bracelet ($3) from Burlington coat factory.
So cute :)
Bling calculators. #need
Cute sign i saw @ the store.
Shirt i found in my dresser. Idk where it came from but it’s not mine lol.
This cute purse was only $3!!! Perfect size for me to fit all of my junk, haha. 
Obsessed with pink for the summer. One on the left is by Candies. The one on the right is by Victoria’s secret pink.